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REED & BARTON Sterling Silver Flatware in Francis The First Pattern Palace Size Early Set

Stunning set of sterling silver flatware by Reed and Barton in the Francis the First Patter 18 Dinner Forks 32 Lunchone Forks 27 Salad Forks 12 Cocktail Forks 12 Ice Cream Forks 11 French Blade Dinner Knives 6 Modern Blade Dinner Knives 23 Modern Blade Luncheon Knives 12 French Blade Luncheon Knives 4 Steak Knives 56 Tea Spoons 17 Iced Tea Spoons 22 Cream Soup Spoons 13 Boullion Spoons 24 Coffee Spoons 17 Desert Spoons 9 Table Spoons 7 Place Spoons 19 Flat Handle Butter Spreader   Servers 1 Cold Meat Fork 3 Gravy Ladles 1 Cream Ladle 2 Stainless Blade Pie Servers 3 Salad Serving Spoons 1 Sugar Spoon 2 Sugar Tongs 3 Piece Carving Set 1 Salt Spoon
  • $14,750.00

Armstrong Elkhart Heritage H1256 Silver C Flute

H1256 Armstrong Elkhart Heritage Unmarked Silver C Flute. Wonderful condition with original black factory case and cleaning rod. Length 28in. H1256アームストロングエルクハートヘリテージアンマークドシルバーCフルートオリジナルのブラックファクトリーケースとクリーニングロッドを備えた素晴らしい状態。 H1256 Армстронг Elkhart Heritage без маркировки Серебряная флейта C. Отличное состояние с оригинальным черным заводским футляром и чистящим стержнем. Длина 28 дюймов.
  • $999.00