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Rare one of a kind presentation pieces

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  • Showing all 33 results


Silver Nine-Light Monumental Pair of Tree-Shaped Candelabra by Stancampiano

A monumental and rare pair of nine-lighter candelabra. All hand chased by a world renowned Italian silversmith called Stancampiano. Highly unusual and grandiose. Extremely hard to find. 20th century. Height is 27”, width is 26”. Total weight is 785 ozt. Please feel free to email us with any inquiries and be sure to visit our other listings!  
  • $70,000.00

Black, Starr & Frost Mixed Metal Presentation Box

Black, Starr & Frost Mixed Metal Presentation Box, early 20th century. Made of gleaming copper with silver piping details around the perimeter lined with aromatic wood. The top is inscribed with an ornate monogram. This can be used as a cigarette box or for any of your treasures!  Marked as shown. Dimensions:2 1/2” in height, 6 1/3” in width,  9 1/4” in length. Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions, and please see our other listings.  
  • $1,475.00

Rare & Unique Sterling Silver Bowling Ball Mounted as Trophy

This unique and one-of-a-kind sterling silver trophy bowling ball is set on a round, stepped pedestal, mounted on a wooden trophy plinth.  There are no inscriptions on the ball, the pedestal or the plaque on the plinth.  A great gift for the bowling Dad or College Grad! Ball measures 11″diam. Pedestal measures 3″h x 6″ diam.  Plinth measures 4 5/8″ x 9″ x 9″.  Overall height is 16″.   Marked inside STERLING, with a metal tag attached to the screw “House of Williams / “Trophy Bowl” / 37 South Wabash / Chicago”. Please feel free to ask questions, and please visit our other listings! Этот уникальный и единственный в своем роде шар для боулинга из стерлингового серебра установлен на круглом ступенчатом пьедестале, установленном на деревянном трофическом цоколе. На пьедестале, на пьедестале или наклейке на цоколе нет надписей. Отличный подарок для боулинга или колледжа Град! Размеры шарика 11 “. Размеры пьедестала 3” h x 6 “diam. Плинтуса 4 5/8” x 9 “x 9”. Общая высота – 16 дюймов. Маркируется внутри STERLING, с металлической биркой, прикрепленной к винту «Дом Williams / Trophy Bowl» / 37 South Wabash / Chicago ». Пожалуйста, не стесняйтесь задавать вопросы и, пожалуйста, посетите наши другие списки! 这款独特而独一无二的纯银奖杯保龄球设置在一个圆形的阶梯式基座上,镶嵌在一个木制的奖杯底座上。 球,底座或底座上没有铭文。 保龄球老爸或大学毕业生的好礼物! 球直径为11英寸直径为3英寸×6英寸直径4英寸×8英寸×9英寸×9英寸。 总体高度为16英寸,在STERLING内标有金属标签,附有螺钉“威廉姆斯之家/”Trophy Bowl“/ 37 South Wabash /芝加哥”。 请随时提问,并请访问我们的其他列表!
  • $3,500.00
Gorham Sterling Punch Bowl Commemorating Historic Yacht Sea Dream

Gorham Sterling Punch Bowl Commemorating Historic Yacht “Sea Dream”

Large presentation hammered sterling silver punch bowl, by Gorham, bearing marks as shown, with scalloped rim and repousse design of a motorized yacht underway, possibly the Stanford-built “Sea Dream”, which is moored at Mystic Seaport, Connecticut, built in 1925, designed by A. E. Luders.  Measures 7″H x 14″Diam, weighs 64.7 ozt.    To see the original photo and additional information on the Sea Dream, go to: feel free to ask any questions and please visit our other listings!大型演讲敲响了Gorham的纯银冲压碗,带有如图所示的标志,带有扇贝形边框和正在进行的机动游艇设计,可能是由斯坦福建造的“Sea Dream”,它停泊在康涅狄格州米斯蒂克海港,建于1925年。 措施7“高x 14”直径,重量64.7盎司。   要查看海梦的原始照片和其他信息,请访问:   请随时提出任何问题,并请访问我们的其他列表!   Большая презентация забила шарик из стерлингового серебра от Gorham, обозначая, как показано на рисунке, с зубчатым ободом и ретузным дизайном моторизованной яхты, возможно, построенной в Стэнфорде «Sea Dream», которая пришвартована в Mystic Seaport, штат Коннектикут, построенная в 1925 году A.E. Luders. Размеры 7 “H x 14” Диаметр, вес 64.7 ozt.Чтобы увидеть исходную фотографию и дополнительную информацию о Sea Dream, перейдите по ссылке:Пожалуйста, не стесняйтесь задавать любые вопросы и, пожалуйста, посетите наши другие списки!   

Liberty & Co Tudric Pewter Bisquit Art Nouveau Box

Beautiful and elegant Liberty & Co Tudric Pewter Biscuit Box with desired Art Nouveau style, made by Archibald Knox. A lidded box with beautiful floral designs on the sides. Shaped integral finial to the lid. Base stamped: 5, Tudric, and no. 0194.  Measurements: Height: Approximately 6 inches, Width: 5 1/2 inches. Bearing hallmarks as shown in images. Feel free to email any inquires and be sure to check out our other listings!
  • $1,100.00

Tiffany & Co. Silver Monumental Flower/Fruit Centerpiece

One of a kind Tiffany & Co. monumental centerpiece. Compliments other Tiffany patterns such as the Kings, Queens and Chrysanthemum design. Three part, with bottom as sterling silver and removable parts as silver plate. Pierced removable bowl for flowers and grill with frog that can be used for flowers or fruit to adorn the dining table. Bottom piece weighing 40.9 troy ounces. Measuring 15 inches in diameter and 2 inches tall. Hallmarked as shown.  Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions, and please see our other listings.
  • $2,250.00

Tiffany & Co. Silver Metric Ruler

Tiffany & Co silver plate metric ruler. 7 inches, 17 centimeters, long. Comes in an authentic Tiffany & Co. branded aqua-colored felt pouch. Brand new condition. Great unisex gift for any holiday or occasion, birthday, or office.
  • $45.00

Silver Frame Beaded Handbag c. 1925

Original silver frame beaded handbag circa 1925. Measuring 9.6 inches in length (without beaded strings), and 6.6 inches in width. 
  • $875.00

Silver Cigar Box, London, 1929

An American silver & gold cigar box by William Frederick Wright, London, 1929 Exquisite silver box with crest on cover and a wood lined interior,adjustable compartments, and a leather-covered base. Marked on rim and inside coverMeasuring 9 inches in length.
  • $900.00

English Silver Two-Handled Urn, 20th Century

English Silver Two-Handled Trophy, 20th Century, by Crichton Bros. Measuring: 6 and 7/8 inches in height & 10 inches handle to handle Weighing: 41.7 troy oz. Marks as shown.
  • $1,279.00

George III Silver Two-Handled Trophy, 18th Century

Georgian Silver Two-Handled Trophy, 18th Century An elegant sterling silver trophy of on a circular pedestal foot, with reeded border and upswept handle in a charming simple shape. Measuring: 6 inches in height & 6 and 1/2 inches handle to handle Weighing: 11.4 troy oz. Marks under base, Henry Chawner, London, 1792
  • $1,100.00

Attrib. Roberto Greico Italian Micromosaic Panel, Don Abbondia & Don Rodrigo’s Thugs

Very large Italian micromosaic panel depicting the scene of the meeting between Don Abbondia & Don Rodrigo’s thugs. Measuring 59 x 45 inches. On page 146 of “Micromosaici Romani” (Roman Micromosaic) by Roberto Grieco. we find 2 photos of a large mosaic. According to this book: “Picture with Meeting between Don Abbondia and Don Rodrigo’s thugs. Cut enamel mosaic, iron support. Vatican Mosaic Studio, early 20th century. Private collection. The picture portrays an episode from the book, The Betrothed, by Alessandro Manzoni (1785-1873).” Pannello micromosaico italiano molto grande raffigurante la scena dell’incontro tra Don Abbondia e i teppisti di Don Rodrigo. Misura 59 x 45 pollici. Nella pagina 146 di “Micromosaici Romani” (Micromosaico romano) di Roberto Grieco troviamo 2 foto di un grande mosaico. Secondo questo libro: “Foto con incontro tra i teppisti Don Abbondia e Don Rodrigo. Mosaico smaltato, supporto in ferro. Mosaic Studio, inizi del XX secolo. Collezione privata. L’immagine ritrae un episodio del libro, I Promessi Sposi, di Alesandro Manzoni (1785-1873). ” לוח מיקרומוזאיק איטלקי גדול מאוד המתאר את זירת המפגש בין הבריונים של דון אבונדה ודונ רודריגו. מדידות 59X45 אינץ ‘. בעמוד 146 של “Micromosaici Romani” (Roman Micromosaic) מאת רוברטו גריקו. אנו מוצאים 2 תמונות של פסיפס גדול. על פי ספר זה: “תמונה עם מפגש בין דון אבונדה ובריונים של דון רודריגו. פסיפס אמייל חתוך, תומך ברזל. סטודיו לפסיפס, ראשית המאה העשרים. אוסף פרטי. התמונה מציגה פרק מהספר “הבוטות” מאת אלסנדרו מנזוני (1785-1873). ” Очень большая итальянская микромозаичная панель с изображением сцены встречи бандитов Дона Аббондии и Дона Родриго. Измерение 59 х 45 дюймов. На странице 146 “Микромозаики Романи” (Roman Micromosaic) Роберто Греко. мы находим 2 фотографии большой мозаики. Согласно этой книге: «Картина со встречей дона Аббондии и головорезов дона Родриго». Студия мозаики Ватикана, начало 20 века. «На картине изображен эпизод из книги Алесандро Мандзони« Обручник » (1785-1873) “. 意大利超大型马赛克画板,描绘了Don Abbondia和Don Rodrigo的暴徒之间的会面场景。尺寸为59 x 45英寸。 在罗伯托·格里科(Roberto Grieco)的“罗马微型马赛克”(Micromosaici Romani)(罗马微型马赛克)的第146页上,我们找到了2张大型马赛克的照片。 Mosaic Studio,二十世纪初,私人收藏,照片描绘的是Alesandro Manzoni(1785-1873)的著作《订婚了》中的一集。 ドンアボンディアとドンロドリゴの凶悪犯の出会いの様子を描いたイタリアの非常に大きなマイクロモザイクパネル。 59 x 45インチの測定。 Roberto Griecoによる「Micromosaici Romani」(Roman Micromosaic)の146ページ。 大きなモザイクの写真が2枚見つかります。 この本によると:「ドン・アブボンディアとドン・ロドリゴの凶悪犯との出会いの写真。」20世紀初頭のバチカンモザイク工房。(1785年から1873年)。” Sehr große italienische Mikromosaikplatte, die die Szene des Treffens zwischen Don Abbondia und Don Rodrigo darstellt. Auf Seite 146 von “Micromosaici Romani” (Römisches Mikromosaik) von Roberto Grieco finden wir 2 Fotos eines großen Mosaiks. Zu diesem Buch: “Bild mit Treffen zwischen Don Abbondia und Don Rodrigo-Schlägern. Emailmosaik geschnitten, Eisenauflage. Mosaic Studio, frühes 20. Jahrhundert. Privatsammlung. Das Bild zeigt eine Episode aus dem Buch The Betrothed von Alesandro Manzoni (1785-1873). “
  • $67,500.00

18th Century George I Silver Three-Piece Shaker/ Muffineer Set

Assembled set of three George I silver cases, John Pero & Edward Cornock, London, c. 1719. The larger with Britannia standard mark only, the small pierced one by Edward Cornock, 1719, the smaller blind-pierced one by John Pero, 1719. Measurements: 8 7/8” in height for the large one and 6 1/2” in height for the 2 smaller ones. Weighing: 26.1 troy oz.Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions, and please see our other listings.
  • $2,500.00

Early English Gilt Sterling Silver Two-Handled Presentation Cup

Early English gilt sterling silver two-handled presentation cup. Beautiful impressive sterling presentation cup or trophy, vermeil, on rounded pedestal. Inscription: “presented by Raymond Dart Decoiffure, Won 1963 Owl”Measuring: 11 and 1/2 inches in height and 14 inhes handle to handleWeighing: 75 troy oz.
  • $3,500.00

Pair of Bulgari Sterling & Gilt Sterling Paperweights As Casino Chips

Looking for the perfect gift for the office, Father’s Day, birthday or housewarming? Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to own this pair of collectible Bulgari solid sterling silver & gilt sterling silver paperweights in the shape of Las Vegas casino chips. Perfect gift for the Bulgari collector or Las Vegas memorabilia collector who has it all. They are all hallmarked with London assay marks, signed Bulgari, with scenes of Las Vegas, and the words “Las Vegas ” and “Bulgari” prominently engraved on the pieces. The pieces are in new condition and come in their original Bulgari fitted boxes. The chips measure 3 inches in diameter & weigh 12 ounces each, making the set a total of 24 troy ounces of Bulgari silver collectibles.   Feel free to e-mail any inquiries and please visit our other listings!  Suchen Sie nach dem perfekten Geschenk für das Büro, den Vatertag, den Geburtstag oder die Einweihungsparty? Verpassen Sie nicht diese einmalige Gelegenheit, um dieses Paar Sammlerstücke aus massivem Sterlingsilber & vergoldetem Sterlingsilber in Form von Las Vegas Casino Chips zu besitzen. Perfektes Geschenk für den Bulgari-Sammler oder den Sammlerin von Las Vegas, der alles hat. Sie sind alle mit Londoner Testmarken versehen, signiert Bulgari, mit Szenen von Las Vegas und den Wörtern “Las Vegas” und “Bulgari”, die prominent in die Stücke eingraviert sind. Die Stücke befinden sich in neuem Zustand und werden in ihren originalen Bulgari-Einbaukästen geliefert. Die Chips haben einen Durchmesser von 3 Zoll und wiegen jeweils 12 Unzen, was insgesamt 24 Feinunzen Bulgari-Silber-Sammlerstücke ausmacht.Bitte zögern Sie nicht, Fragen zu stellen und besuchen Sie unsere anderen Angebote!¿Buscas el regalo perfecto para la oficina, el día del padre, el cumpleaños o la inauguración de la casa? No se pierda esta oportunidad única en la vida de ser dueño de este par de pisapapeles búlgicos de plata esterlina sólida y plata dorada de Bulgari en forma de fichas de casino de Las Vegas. Regalo perfecto para el coleccionista Bulgari o el coleccionista de recuerdos de Las Vegas que lo tiene todo. Todos están marcados con marcas de ensayo de Londres, firmadas por Bulgari, con escenas de Las Vegas, y las palabras “Las Vegas” y “Bulgari” grabadas prominentemente en las piezas. Las piezas están en estado nuevo y vienen en sus cajas originales de Bulgari. Las fichas miden 3 pulgadas de diámetro y pesan 12 onzas cada una, lo que hace que el conjunto sea un total de 24 onzas troy de coleccionables de plata Bulgari.Por favor, siéntase libre de hacer cualquier pregunta, y por favor visite nuestros otros listados!Ищете идеальный подарок для офиса, Дня отца, дня рождения или новоселья? Не упустите эту уникальную возможность приобрести пару коллекционных пресс-папье Bulgari из чистого серебра и позолоченного серебра в форме фишек казино Лас-Вегаса. Прекрасный подарок для коллекционера Bulgari или коллекционера памятных вещей Лас-Вегаса, у которого есть все. Все они отмечены лондонскими пробирными знаками, подписаны Булгари, сценами Лас-Вегаса, и на них выгравированы слова «Лас-Вегас» и «Булгари». Детали находятся в новом состоянии и поставляются в оригинальных упакованных коробках Bulgari. Чипсы имеют диаметр 3 дюйма и весят по 12 унций каждая, что составляет в общей сложности 24 тройских унции серебряных предметов коллекционирования Bulgari.Пожалуйста, не стесняйтесь задавать любые вопросы, и пожалуйста, посетите наши другие списки!寻找完美的办公室礼物,父亲节,生日或乔迁? 千万不要错过这一次机会,拥有这对可收藏的宝格丽纯银和镀金纯银纸镇拉斯维加斯赌场筹码。 拥有这一切的宝格丽收藏家或拉斯维加斯纪念品收藏家的完美礼物。 它们都标有伦敦分析标记,签署了宝格丽,带有拉斯维加斯的场景,并在文章上突出刻有“拉斯维加斯”和“宝格丽”字样。 这些作品处于新的状态,并采用原装的Bulgari装箱。 这些芯片的直径为3英寸,每个重12盎司,使得该套装共有24金衡制盎司的宝格丽银色收藏品。请随时提出任何问题,请访问我们的其他列表!Vous cherchez le cadeau idéal pour le bureau, la fête des pères, un anniversaire ou une pendaison de crémaillère? Ne manquez pas cette opportunité unique de posséder cette paire de presse-papiers à collectionner Bulgari en argent sterling doré et argent sterling doré, en forme de jetons de casino de Las Vegas. Cadeau parfait pour le collectionneur Bulgari ou le collectionneur de souvenirs de Las Vegas qui a tout. Ils portent tous la marque de Londres, signée Bulgari, avec des scènes de Las Vegas, ainsi que les mots “Las Vegas” et “Bulgari” bien en évidence. Les pièces sont à l’état neuf et viennent dans leurs boîtes d’origine Bulgari. Les jetons mesurent 3 pouces de diamètre et pèsent 12 onces chacun, soit un total de 24 onces troy d’objets de collection en argent Bulgari.S’il vous plaît n’hésitez pas à poser des questions, et s’il vous plaît visitez nos autres listes!
  • $1,400.00
091 (1065)

Gorham Rare Sterling Silver Smoking Set

Rare & unusual Gorham sterling silver smoking set / ashtray consisting of a large round tray with mahogany center 13 inches in diameter , a cigar lighter 4 inches, a match holder with striker base 4 inches , a cigar holder 2 & 1/2 & a cigarette holder 3 inches .The gross weight including the tray & base is 60 troy ounces.
  • $2,400.00
091 (557)

Cut Glass and Silver Mounted Claret Jug

Cut glass and fine French silver plate mounted claret jug. This fine claret jug has a cast sterling silver leaf decorated spout. The lower bulbous portion of the glass body of this antique jug is ornate with small flowers style cut glass decoration. Sits on a circular footed base engrave with the same motif as the silver top. Measurement: 10 1/4 inches X 6 12 inches,  maker mark is under the base
  • $720.00
091 (444)

Pair of French Gilt Silver Vases / Centerpieces by Boin-Taburet

A pair of French silver gilt vases in urn form, by Boin-Taburet, a Parisian silversmith, from the early 20th century in Louis XVI style. The spreading circular bases have a leaf-tip borders and the body is applied with a band of ribbon-wrapped foliage centered on both sides by a rosette. Maker’s mark on base, neck with French control 1838-1977. Height is 7 1/2” and weight is 28ozt. Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions, and please see our other listings.
  • $2,430.00
091 (491)

Pair of English Victorian Sterling Silver Monteith Bowls / Centerpieces

Pair of Victorian sterling silver monteith bowls. One marked with Walter & John Barbard, London, 1895; One marked with Goldsmiths & Silversmiths co., 1908. Shaped circular on gadrooned  foot with fluted body. The hinged handles with lion’s-head and an oval vacant cartouche to the front and reverse sides, with a scale and scroll surround each side of the body. Each marked on body and under base. Measuring 7 1/4 inches X 10 inches.  Weighing 73 Troy oz. Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions, and please see our other listings.
  • $7,100.00
091 (477)

Italian Silver Buccellati Style Serving Platter

Italian silver Buccellati style serving platter. This is a fantastic platter ornate with nature life, beautiful applied flowers around the edge.  It is a heavy piece and the ornate platter gives a good taste to the home table.  Measuring: 13 inches,  the maker marks are under base.  Very nice patina and in good condition.
  • $1,675.00
091 (381)

Pair of French Gilt Silver Bottle Coasters on Stands from the JP Morgan Collection

Pair of French silver gilt bottle coasters on stands, in 2 parts, the rim inserts, with French silver hallmark, and further incised indistinctly “Collection of JP. Morgan”. They stand on 3 balled feet. Weight of the pair is 90 troy ounces. Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions, and please see our other listings.
  • $5,850.00
091 (75)

Continental Solid Silver Figure of Cherub with Garland

Continental solid silver figure of large cherub mounted on marble base measuring 11 & 1/2  inches in height on its base holding a large garland. The figure is  of very high quality & detail. Solid silver weighing 58 troy ounces off of its base.
  • $1,755.00
091 (61)

Rare & Unique Solid Sterling Silver Folding Bun Warmer

Rare & unique solid sterling silver folding bun warmer with inner grills measuring 11 inches in height & 9 inches wide & 16 inches across when open. The warmer is marked as shown & is Sanborns the three owls Mexico sterling 0.925/1000 4011. The weight is 59 troy ounces. 
  • $3,375.00
091 (400)

Antique German Silver Empire Design Basket with Cobalt Liner

Antique German chased silver basket in Empire design with blue cobalt glass. This fine ornate basket has a place for a monogram on the front and back. The basket and cobalt glass are both in very good condition. The base has a very detailed and ornate leaf pattern. The pierced handle has a nice flower motif. Measures 11 inches tall and 5 inches wide. Hallmarks are on top of the base. Stamped is the 800 silver mark and the maker’s mark. Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions, and please see our other listings.  
  • $1,350.00
091 (938)

Set of Twelve English Sterling Silver Dessert Bowls

Set of 12 sterling silver dessert bowls with fabulous pierce work made in London by silversmith George Jackson & David Fullerton Circa 1913 & retailed by Birks of Canada. The bowls measure 6 & 1/2 inches end to end & 2 & 1/2 inches in height . The weight of the set is 52 troy ounces. There are 8 with cranberry color liners & 4 with white replacement liners. 
  • $2,250.00

Louis XV Style Silver-Plate Dressing Mirror

A Louis XV style silver-plate dressing mirror, late 19th century of cartouche form with a rocaille frame. Measuring 25 inches in height. Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions, and please see our other listings.  
  • $1,800.00

Sterling Silver Jensen Style Two-Handled Footed Punch Bowl / Centerpiece by Woodside Sterling Co.

Woodside Sterling Co. sterling silver Jensen style two-handled footed punch bowl, bearing marks of W in wreath sterling. The bowl of flared circular form, with cast foliate handles, on eight standing cast leaf motifs interspersed by tendrils and berry motifs, ending in a domed disk foot. Measuring 10 and 1/4 inches in height, 20 and 1/2 inches in width, weighing approximately 95 troy ounces. Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions, and please see our other listings.  
  • $4,900.00

Continental Silver Mounted Cobalt Blue Glass Bowl / Centerpiece

Continental silver mounted glass bowl of oval form, in cobalt colored glass, the mount decorated with a repeating garland swag and wreath motif. Height 2 and 1/2 inches, width 13 and 7/8 inches. Feel free to email any inquiries and be sure to visit our other listings!
  • $1,900.00

Group of Ten Gilt Silver Apple-Shaped Table Ornament (Diamond-Studded Place Card Holders and Pepper Shakers)

A group of ten Italian silver-gilt and gem set table ornament 20th century apple form, with textured matte finish, comprising six diamond-studded place card holders, two pairs of salt and pepper casters, each diamonds, one pair of salt and pepper casters without matte finish, apparently unmarked 1 ¾ inches (4.4 cm.) diameter; 24 oz. (759 gr.) gross weight. This set was offered at prestigious Sotheby’s auction at a higher price. Please see here: Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions, and please see our other listings.
  • $2,800.00
091 (285)

Bigelow Bros. & Kennard Coin Silver Water Pitcher

Bigelow Bros. & Kennard coin silver water pitcher depicting a dog with a warrior shield on the handle with two matching dog cartouches on the front end and back end of the water pitcher. Very fine heavy gage silver with fine beading around the belly of the pitcher. Bears a Victorian engraving of 1862 and bears the markings of Bigelow Bros. & Kennard, coin silver as shown. In fine used condition and measures 15 inches x 10 inches x 6 inches and weighs 51.4 oz. Makes a great bar pitcher for any occasion. Feel free to email any inquiries and be sure to visit our other listings!
091 (227)

Georgian Sterling Silver Pierced Oval Basket / Centerpiece

Beautiful Georgian Sterling Silver Pierced Oval Basket made in London, Circa 1796. Swing handle attached to an oval body with a beautifully pierced border around the perimeter sitting on a collet foot. It is fully hallmarked as shown, though the maker is hard to decipher, and is crested with an oval in the center. Measuring 13 & 3/4 in length x 9 & 1/2 inches width, and 10 inches in height up to the swing handle and weighs 20 ozt. Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions, and please see our other listings.    
  • $1,500.00
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Silver Statue of David after Donatello

The statue of the Biblical figure, David, is considered to be one of Donatello’s landmark works and a milestone in the Italian Renaissance. This statue depicts David at a moment of triumph in his battle with the Philistine Goliath. Bears the marking of 800 silver. The base measures 3/4” in height and 3.5” in width. The figure is 9.75 in. in height. Weighs 43 ozt. Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions, and please see our other listings.
  • $1,675.00
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Silver Statue of a Cherub with Wreath of Flowers

Beautiful full standing cherub holding a wreath of flowers. Bears the mark of 800 silver. Base is the height of 1 inch while the statue measures 8.75 inches in height. Weight is 35 ozt without the base. Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions, and please see our other listings.
  • $1,375.00