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  • Showing 361–420 of 435 results


Pair of Sterling Silver Covered Dishes By Andrew Fogelberg Ca 1785

Pair of antique sterling silver covered dishes, London, 1785-1986, by Andrew Fogelberg & Stephen Gilbert. Oval domed top with an octagon shaped rim. Round finial with inserted lines and matching patterns around opening of dish. Engraved shield with a lion and a dragon in the center. Weighing 63.2 troy ounces. Measuring approximately 11 1/2 inches long, 5 inches tall, and 8 1/2 inches wide. Bearing hallmarks as shown in images, Andrew Fogelberg & Stephen Gilbert, 1785, London. Feel free to email any inquiries and be sure to visit our other listings!   Пара старинных серебряных блюд, покрытых серебром, Лондон, 1785-1986, Эндрю Фогельберг и Стивен Гилберт. Овальный куполообразный топ с восьмиугольным ободком. Круглый финал со вставленными линиями и соответствующими узорами вокруг отверстия тарелки. Гравированный щит со львом и драконом в центре. Весит 63,2 тройских унции. Измерение приблизительно 11 1/2 дюйма в длину, 5 дюймов в высоту и 8 1/2 дюйма в ширину. Признаки, как показано на изображениях, Эндрю Фогельберг и Стивен Гилберт, 1785, Лондон. 一对古董纯银盖菜,伦敦,1785-1986,安德鲁福格伯格和斯蒂芬吉尔伯特。椭圆形圆顶顶部带有八角形边缘。圆形顶部,插入线条和菜肴开口周围的匹配模式。在中心刻有狮子和龙的盾牌。重量为63.2金衡制盎司。长约11 1/2英寸,高5英寸,宽8英寸。轴承标志如图所示,Andrew Fogelberg和Stephen Gilbert,1785年,伦敦。 Paar mit antikem Sterlingsilber überzogene Schalen, London, 1785-1986, von Andrew Fogelberg & Stephen Gilbert. Ovales gewölbtes Oberteil mit achteckigem Rand. Runder Abschluss mit eingefügten Linien und passenden Mustern um die Öffnung der Schale. Graviertes Schild mit einem Löwen und einem Drachen in der Mitte. 63,2 Feinunzen wiegen. Mit einer Länge von etwa 30 cm, einer Höhe von 5 cm und einer Breite von 20 cm. Kennzeichen wie abgebildet, Andrew Fogelberg & Stephen Gilbert, 1785, London.
  • $2,840.00

Large Sterling Serving Plate by S Kirk & Son

Large sterling silver serving late, in desired repousse design, chased by hand. Weighing 31.9 troy ounces, measuring 13.5 inches in diameter and 9 inches tall Hallmarked as shown, S Kirk & Son Sterling 2544.
  • $1,275.00

Silver Salver by S Kirk & Son

Silver salver by S Kirk & Son in beautiful repousse design with bawl in claw feet and diapered pattern on top.. Weighing 14.1 troy ounces, measuring 9.5 inches and 1 inch in height. Hallmarked as shown, S Kirk & Son 11oz. 
  • $705.00

Sterling Silver Bowl By S Kirk & Son

Sterling silver bowl by S Kirk & Son in desired repousse design. May be used for bread, salads, or other foods. Weighing 17.5 troy ounces, measuring 10.5 inches wide and 2 inches tall. Hallmarked as shown S Kirk & Son Inc Sterling 15X.
  • $550.00

Silver Flower Bowl in Repousse Design by Whiting

Silver Bowl in desired repousse design by Whiting with flower like rim around top. Weighing 13.5 troy ounces, measurements are 3.5 inches tall and 8.5 inches tall. Hallmarked as shown, Sterling 1543 M
  • $590.00

Silver Serving Bowl With Repousse Design

Silver serving bowl with intricate repousse design in Kirk style. Weighing 13.4 troy ounces, measurements are 3 inches tall and 6.5 inches wide Hallmarked as shown, Sterling. 
  • $600.00

Sterling Silver Three Piece Dessert Bowl by Kirk & Son

Three Piece sterling silver dessert bowl with repousse design by Kirk & Son. Weighing 12.1 troy ounces, measurements are 1 inch tall and 6 inches tall. Hallmarked as shown, S. Kirk & Son13. 
  • $550.00

Reed & Barton Sterling Silver Paul Revere Style Water Pitcher

Reed & Barton sterling silver Paul Revere style water pitcher. Weighing 21 ounces, 8 inches tall and inches from handle to spout. Hallmarked as shown, Reed & Barton Sterling X758 Paul Revere Production 9 1/2 H.P.
  • $599.00

Sterling Silver Paul Revere Water Pitcher

Sterling Silver Paul Revere Water Pitcher with applied crest monogram.Weighing 21.9 troy ounces, 8 inches tall and 8.5 inches tall. Hallmarked as shown, Sterling 210 5 Pints. 
  • $675.00

Tuttle Sterling Silver Paul Revere Style Water Pitcher

Tuttle sterling silver Paul Revere style water pitcher with Pegg monogram. Weighs 13.4 troy ounces, 6 inches tall and 7 inches wide. Hallmarked as shown, Tuttle Sterling 230A 2 Pints P. Revere Reproduction
  • $600.00

Sterling Silver Paul Revere Style Water Pitcher

Sterling silver Paul Revere style five pint water pitcher, plain. Weighs 20.4 troy ounces, 7 inches tall and 8 inches wide from handle to spout, manufactured during the first term of Dwight Eisenhower-1952. Hallmarked as shown, Sterling 220A 3 1/2 pints P. Revere Reproduction. 
  • $850.00

Gorham Sterling Silver Water Pitcher

Gorham sterling silver water pitcher, plain. Weighing 19 troy ounces ,8.5 inches tall and 9 inches wide. Hallmarked as shown, Gorham Sterling 182, 4 1/2 Pint.
  • $700.00
bowl 1

European Silver Centerpiece with Repousse Decoration

European Silver Centerpiece in oval form with repousse decoration, 900 silver. Weighing 16.2 troy ounces and is 12 inches from handle to handle. 
  • $600.00
3 bowls

Three Piece Silver German Centerpieces

Three pieces of silver German centerpiece bowls in graduated sizes with original glass liners. Largest bowl is 5.3 inches in height and 7.5 inches inches in diameter, medium bowl is 4.25 inches in height and 5.25 inches in diameter, and size small is 3 inches in height and 4 inches in diameter. Total silver weight is 33.5 troy ounces. Hallmark underneath base, as shown in images. 
  • $2,100.00
Detailed silver plate

Sterling Silver Six Piece Set of Plates Rocaille Style

Set of six sterling silver plates with exquisite design around rim of plate. Adorned with desired French rocaille design from mid 18th century. Created by Black Star & Frost. Weighs 33 troy ounces and measures 7 inches from rim to rim. 
  • $950.00
Silver bowl 2

Sterling Silver Serving Bowl by Kennard & Jenks

Kennard & Jenks Sterling silver aesthetic movement centerpiece hand chased & engraved with applied vine   handles measuring 15 & 1/2  inches in length 8 & 1/2 inches in width & 6 inches in height . The weight of the centerpiece is 37 troy ounces
  • $1,800.00

Large Obelisk Gilt-Silver Marble Centerpiece, 20th century

Large Obelisk Gilt-Silver Marble Centerpiece, 20th century The gilt square base supporting a red agate obelisk, topped by a parcel-gilt bowl with a removable gilt liner. Measuring 18 and 1/2 inches in height. Marked throught with MOBA, 925
  • $6,500.00

Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Pea in the Pod Salt Cellar & Spoon 110

Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Pea in the Pod Salt Cellar & Spoon 110Measuring: 1 and 1/4 inches in diameterBearing marks as shown.
  • $275.00

Set of 2 Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Footed Mint Dish Bowls #243

Set of 2 Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Footed Mint Dish Bowls #243 with ball feet.Measurement: One measuring 4 and 1/4 inches in length & one measuring 2 and 1/4 inches in length.Bearing pre-war marks as shown.
  • $250.00

Set of Twenty Jensen Style Silver-Gilt & Enamel Salt & Pepper Sets

Set of Twenty Jensen Style Silver-Gilt & Enamel Salt & Pepper SetsJensen style salt and pepper sets, each pair on tray, with black enameled silver-gilt covers, marked on rims.
  • $2,800.00

Large Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Trumpet Vase

Large Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Trumpet Vase Beautifully hand etched and cartouched on a circular base. Measuring: 19 and 5/8 inches in height Weighing 37 troy oz. (gross weight) Marked on base.
  • $1,600.00

M. Fred Hirsch Sterling Silver Water Pitcher

M. Fred Hirsch Sterling Silver Water Pitcher Handle with applied floral decoration, marked on base with M. Fred Hirsch hallmark, Sterling, 442. 9” h. x 8 1/2”, weighing 23 troy ozs. Measuring 9 inches x 8 and 1/2 inches Weighing 23 troy oz.
  • $600.00

Gorham Sterling Silver Arts & Crafts Pitcher

Gorham hand hammered sterling silver water pitcher, monogrammed ”B”. Marked with Gorham hallmark, Sterling, A11316/3. Measures 11 5/8”h. x 9 3/4”. Weight Approx. 26.0 troy oz.
  • $800.00

Tiffany & Co. Aesthetic Movement Sterling Silver Pitcher

Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Water Pitcher, the pattern designed in 1892, this example after 1907, New York. Pitcher of serpentine-lobed pear-shaped form, with four leaf-crested feet, integral spout with molded rim and wavy arched handle. Measuring 9 inches in height. Weighing 40 troy oz.
  • $4,000.00

Glass and Sterling Silver Mounted Claret Jug

Fine antique glass and silver plated mounted claret jug has a tapering cylindrical flared form to a circular spreading foot. The jug is embellished with chased scrolling leaf decoration the mount is further ornamented with an applied bead border to the shaped upper rim. This claret jug has an impressive C scroll handle with and elongated scrolling lower terminal. This is a vintage, unique glass claret with ornate details. The base features diamond cut glass that narrows along the height of the piece . The mount of this antique claret jug is a very good gauge of silver plate and fine quality. Maker marks are engraved on handle. Very good weight, measuring: 11 1/2 inches X 7 1/2 inches , a hinged lid with leaves chasing and a cast finial, a cast scroll handle attached to a retaining ring, together with a hand-cut crystal body with hobnail-cut The glass on this claret jug has been nicely cut in the hobnail design and is still in good condition. The shape of the body is particularly appealing as it is slim at the top becoming wider at the base. This claret jug would be perfect to use and would comfortably hold a full bottle of wine. This claret jug is in a good condition. Made in Italy.
  • $650.00

Pair of Ball Tompkins & Black Early Coin Silver Ewers

Pair of Ball Tompkins & Black Early Coin Silver Ewers, successors to Marquand and Co., New York, NY, circa 1849. Each baluster form with applied bands of repeat palmettes, C-scroll handles, one engraved: “Presented by the Stockholders of The Bank of Auburn to Cornelius Cuyler, Esquire, their late President, As an expression of their entire confidence in the integrity and ability with which, as an officer of the Institution, he has rendered gratuitous service during a period of more than thirty years, June 11th, 1849”; the other “The Bank of Auburn to Cornelius Cuyler, Esquire, June 11th, 1849”. Height: 14 inches to the top of the handle & weighing 57 troy ounces.
  • $4,250.00

Pair of Sterling Silver Egg Cups

American sterling silver pair of egg cups, very classic style, on a geometric footed base.  The good original condition and clear, crisp detail, with no monograms, removals, repairs or alterations.
  • $300.00

AE Jones Copper & Silver Vases & Tray

Pair of Hammered Copper and Silver Vases & oval tray by A.E. Jones. Arts & crafts with great hammered copper & applied silver floral decoration. Both vases are numbered “2466” on bottom, tray numbered “2430.20” under base. Measurements: vases – 8 inches in height & tray – 20 and 1/2 inches in length and 15 and 1/4 inches in width.
  • $2,475.00

Sterling Silver Art Nouveau Tray

Sterling silver art nouveau tray. Decorated with leaves and flowers forming the handles. The tray is clearly marked on the edge. The tray has engraved monogram. Very good condition, and very nice patina. Measuring : 12 and 3/4 inches h X 19 1/4 inches.
  • $2,600.00

Pair of Unusual Silver Cast Figural Viennese Marriage Cups 1830

Pair of unusual cast silver figural Viennese marriage cups 1830. Beautiful pair of silver cups with figural of child holding the cup on a circular base.  Measurement: 6 and 2/8 inches in height Weight: 17.1 oz
  • $1,400.00

Pair of A.E Warner Coin Silver Repousse Fruit Baskets

Pair of A.E Warner coin silver repousse fruit baskets. Cartouche in center on oval ream base. Measurements: 14 inches handle to handle, 8 inches wide, 2 inches in height Weight: 43.5 troy oz. 
  • $3,600.00

P.L Krider Sterling Silver Pitcher

P.L Krider sterling silver pitcher, 1880’s. Sterling silver pitcher with beautiful full repousse band in the middle and an applied handle. Measuring: 8 and 2/8 inches in height and 6 and 1/2 inches spout to handle. Weighing: 20.5 troy oz.
  • $900.00

Tiffany & Co. Large Sterling Silver Centerpiece Bowl, 1911

A monumental TIFFANY & CO sterling silver centerpiece bowl, circa 1911. This exceptional centerpiece is shaped in circular form, standing on foilate feet, and the rim decorated with in a raised. Measuring 20 inches in diameter and weighing 112 troy ounces. Bearing marks, 12299-2137 Tiffany & Co Sterling Silver. Feel free to email any inquiries and be sure to visit our other listings!   一个巨大的TIFFANY&CO纯银中心碗,大约在1911年。这个特殊的中心件呈圆形,呈圆形脚,边缘饰有凸起。直径20英寸,重量为112金衡制盎司。轴承标记,12299-2137 Tiffany&Co。如有任何疑问,请随时发送电子邮件,请务必访问我们的其他物品!   Монументальная центральная чаша TIFFANY & CO из серебра 925 года, около 1911 года. Эта исключительная центральная часть имеет круглую форму, расположена на опорных ножках, а ободок украшен выступом. Измерение 20 дюймов в диаметре и весом 112 тройских унций. Маркировка подшипников, 12299-2137 Tiffany & Co. Не стесняйтесь обращаться с любыми вопросами по электронной почте и обязательно посетите другие наши списки!
  • $12,500.00

Gorham Sterling Silver Centerpiece/Tazza, 19th Century

Gorham sterling silver centerpiece or tazza, c. 1880. Impressive sterling silver centerpiece with vermeil inset, very finely engraved and beautifully hand etched, with ball and claw feet. Hallmarks under base. Measuring: 11 and 1/2 inches in height Weighing: 45 troy oz.
  • $3,900.00

Two Sterling Silver Zebras On Mineral Base Centerpiece

Two sterling silver zebras on a mineral base, each signed at the underside and numbered 7/10. By Henry Mitchell (American 1915-1980), Silver Sculpture Measuring: 12 1/2 x 7 1/2 x 8 3/4 inches tall.
  • $1,800.00

17th Century George I Silver Three-Piece Castor Set

Assembled set of three George I silver casets, John Pero & Edward Cornock, London, c. 171. The larger with Britannia standard mark only, the small pierced one by Edward Cornock, 1719, the smaller blind-pierced one by John Pero, 1719. Measuring: 1 Large – 8 & 7/8 inches in height / 2 small – 6 & 1/2 inches in height Weighing: 26.1 troy oz.
  • $2,500.00

American Sterling Silver Hammered Bowl

American sterling silver hammered bowl by The Randahl Shop, Chicago, IL, early 20th century.  Circular footed bowl with molded shell border, the underside engraved “Randahl/Hand Wrought/Sterling/131”.  Measuring: 2 & 3/4 inches in height and 10 & 1/4 inches in diameter Weighing: 29 troy oz. 
  • $1,100.00

Set Of Four English Sterling Silver Heart Place Card Holders

Beautiful set of four English silver heart place card holders. Clean and sleek finish, sterling silver place card holders, measuring 1 and 1/2 inches in height. Hallmarks on base.
  • $650.00

American Sterling Flower Holder Centerpiece On Pedestal With Handles

American sterling flower holder centerpiece on pedestal with handles, early 20th century. Sterling silver flower holder in the form of an urn with two handles on pedestal with a gilt reticulated cover. Marked on underside: Sterling and Patented January 18, 1921.  Measuring: 5 inches in height and 15 1/4 inches in diameter Weighing: 59.4 troy ounces.
  • $2,900.00

Pair of Georgian Silver Compotes

Pair of Georgian sterling silver compotes. Each of circular form, with panels of chased rocaille and fruit, on a pedestal foot. Measuring: Diameter 8 1/4 inches (20.5 cm), Weighing: approx 39.5 t ounces.   Bearing hallmarks possibly for Robert Garrard, London, circa 1785 
  • $1,500.00

Peter & William Bateman Sterling Beer Pitcher

Peter & William Bateman sterling beer pitcher. This pitcher is from Circa 1812-1813, silver water pitcher gracefully shaped and beautifully proportioned with nature motif and swirling fluted bottom. Applied handle with insert insulators, handle has a makers mark. A great example of American silver with finely engraved decoration, maker marks also on the neck of the water pitcher. The body of the pitcher is covered in an engraved leaf work. very nice patina and very good condition. The weight is 34.2 t oz and measures: 9 1/4 inches h. X 9 ½
091 (557)

Cut Glass and Silver Mounted Claret Jug

Cut glass and fine French silver plate mounted claret jug. This fine claret jug has a cast sterling silver leaf decorated spout. The lower bulbous portion of the glass body of this antique jug is ornate with small flowers style cut glass decoration. Sits on a circular footed base engrave with the same motif as the silver top. Measurement: 10 1/4 inches X 6 12 inches,  maker mark is under the base
  • $720.00
091 (552)

English Victorian Sterling Silver Water Pitcher 19th Century

English Victorian sterling silver water pitcher 19th century . This elegant pitcher, is decorated with two applied beaded bands on the shoulder and body.  The body of the water pitcher is adorned with very small leaves. The applied handle is ornate with a figural mask at the end of the handle, the top is decorated with a nature motif. Sits on a circular footed base adorned with the leaves, bringing the nature touch into your house.  Measurement 13 1/2 inches X  9 1/2 inches w. The water pitcher is in a very good condition,  maker marks are under the base.
  • $1,620.00
091 (444)

Early 20th C. Pair of French Silver-Gilt Vases Boin-Taburet, Paris

A pair of French silver-gilt vases, Boin-Taburet, Paris, early 20th century  in Louis XVI style, of urn form. The spreading circular bases have a leaf-tip borders and the body is applied with a band of ribbon-wrapped foliage centered on both sides by a rosette. Maker’s mark on base, neck with French control 1838-1977. Adds a touch of elegance to any home. Height 7 1/2 in./19cm  Weight 28oz/871g
  • $2,430.00
091 (440)

German Silver Oval Mirrored Plateau

German silver plateau.  A German silver shaped oval mirrored plateau, fabulous piece with an ornate border on oval shape. The beautiful open work with a beaded border makes it a unique piece.  The plateau is on four feet, each has a small plate,  two of the feet has a maker mark the other two are clean with no monogram.  The condition of this piece is great, the plateau has a good patina and is heavy weight. Marked ‘.800’  24 inches wide
  • $2,250.00
091 (491)

Pair of English Victorian Sterling Silver Monteith Bowls

Pair of Victorian sterling silver monteith bowls. One marked with Walter & John Barbard, London, 1895; One marked with Goldsmiths & Silversmiths co., 1908. Shaped circular on gadrooned  foot with fluted body. The hinged handles with lion’s-head and an oval vacant cartouche to the front and reverse sides, with a scale and scroll surround each side of the body. Each marked on body and under base. Measuring 7 1/4 inches X 10 inches.  Weighing 73 Troy oz.
  • $7,110.00
091 (477)

Italian Silver Buccellati Style Serving Platter

Italian silver Buccellati style serving platter. This is a fantastic platter ornate with nature life, beautiful applied flowers around the edge.  It is a heavy piece and the ornate platter gives a good taste to the home table.  Measuring: 13 inches,  the maker marks are under base.  Very nice patina and in good condition.
  • $1,710.00
091 (381)

Pair of Fine French Silver Gilt Bottle Coasters on Stands, JP MORGAN

Pair of French silver gilt bottle coasters on stands, in 2 parts, the rim inserts, with French silver hallmark, and further incised indistinctly “Collection of JP. Morgan”, the stands on 3 ball feet. Weight of the pair is 90 troy ounces.
  • $5,850.00
091 (61)

Rare & Unique Solid Sterling Silver Folding Bun Warmer

Rare & unique solid sterling silver folding bun warmer with inner grills measuring 11 inches in height & 9 inches wide & 16 inches across when open. The warmer is marked as shown & is Sanborns the three owls Mexico sterling 0.925/1000 4011. The weight is 59 troy ounces. 
  • $3,375.00
091 (192)

Tiffany Sterling Silver Water Pitcher

Large 6 pint Tiffany & Co. sterling silver monogrammed water pitcher with floral border on over lapping lip. Measuring 11 inches in height bearing hallmarks of Tiffany & co. 14253 makers 2441 sterling silver 925-1000 t (date letter for 1902 as shown). The pitcher weighs 36 troy ounces.
  • $3,240.00
091 (619)

Tiffany Sterling Silver Square Tray

Tiffany sterling silver square tray, art deco, decorated with Japanese style flowers, leaves  and blossoms all around the piece. Very nice patina and a good weight. This Japanese style makes a very interest piece. This tray is marked Tiffany Co. 29 t oz. Measuring: 10 inches X 10 inches. Marker marks are under the tray. This piece brings a beautiful nature touch at the table.
  • $1,620.00
091 (429)

A French Silver Pitcher by Emile Puiforcat, Paris

A French first standard silver pitcher by Emile Puiforcat, Paris, late 19th / early 20th century. Typical spreading baluster form, with floral sprays issuing from handle over a gadrooned base raised on a circular footed base, The ewer is very large, beautiful ornate motif, with an applied handle with figural nature motif . The bottom part of the ewer body is decorated with a nice motif. The makers mark is on the base edge. This is a very nice piece, with a gorgeous touch for home. The weight is 55 troy ounces. Measuring 14 and 1/4 inches in height and 11 inches in length.
  • $4,455.00
091 (400)

Antique German Silver Empire Design Basket with Cobalt Liner

Antique German silver empire design basket with blue cobalt glass liner. The basket is very ornate with two plates for a monogram on both sides, the solid silver is in very good condition, with intricate details. The glass is also in very good condition. The base is ornate with intricate details on the leaves. The handle has a pierced and open work with a nice flower motif. Measuring: 11 inches h. X 5 inches. On top of the base is clearly the makers mark. Fine and beautiful the details of the flowers bring nature into your home.
  • $1,350.00
091 (792)

Set of Four Vintage Tiffany Sterling Silver Bud Vases & Rose Bud Vermeil

Set of four vintage Tiffany sterling silver bud vases & rose bud vermeil. This is a beautiful set of vases, each one having a flower and leaves. The flowers are crafted to reflect the phases of a flower’s progress, from bud to full bloom. Antique Tiffany Co. makers sterling silver bud vase are fully marked. The vases’ measurements vary according to the flowers’ height.  Executed in sterling gilt, two of the vases are ornate, with three incised lines around the neck, the other two are simple. The weight is 40 gross t oz. Maker’s mark under the base, 20th Century.
  • $1,440.00
091 (785)

Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Vase, c. 1907-38

A beautiful sterling silver vase by Tiffany & Co. from just after the turn of the last century. The plain, trumpet-shaped body is very simple with no monogram and on a circular footed base. This elegant sterling silver vase is marked underneath ‘TIFFANY & Co/ MAKERS/ STERLING SILVER/ 925-1000/ m/ 17040-17060’. This striking vase measures 13 1/2 inches high, weighs 38 troy ounces and is in good condition.
  • $2,700.00
091 (841)

Arts and Crafts Sterling Silver Kalo Shop Bowl

Arts and Crafts sterling silver Kalo shop bowl. The Kalo sterling silver bowl is hand hammered with five sides marked “Hand Wrought at the Kalo Shop”. 11.6 t oz. American Arts and Crafts sterling silver by Kalo, Kalo M 323 sterling silver hand made bowl. This Kalo bowl measures 9 inches wide by 2″ high and was made in the Kalo Shop which started at 175 Dearborn Michigan . The hand hammered detail in this silver bowl is true perfection with graceful lobes. Signed KALO M 312 sterling on its reverse. The Kalo Shop was largely the personal creation of Clara Barck Welles who had come to Chicago for Oregon and started the shop around 1900-1902. The bowl has a very nice applied engrave on front, condition is very good, very nice patina.
  • $400.00
091 (846)

Lebolt Art & Crafts Sterling Silver Serving Dish or Bowl

Lovely Lebolt art nouveau period crafted sterling silver dish elevated and enhancing fine dining experience and table with this antique piece. Applied initials engraved on the body sits on spreading foot, as stated sterling silver weighing a massive 35.5 t oz, good condition. This silver tray is engraved with an applied monogram, hand crafted, very nice patina, good condition. Measuring 2 inches in height and 14 inches in diameter.
  • $1,150.00
091 (843)

Lebolt & Co. Sterling Silver Compote, Chicago, Illinois

Lebolt & Co. sterling silver compote, Chicago, Illinois, Wide shallow bowl on long stem flaring to circular foot, maker’s mark Lebolt, hand hammered sterling silver was made by Chicago silver company, LeBolt. The compote has an applied engraved inside of the bowl. Very nice size, measuring 3 1/4 inches in height and 12 inches in diameter. The weight is 28 troy ounces. In 1912, J. Myer LeBolt added silversmithing to his family Chicago jewelry store. LeBolt also had a retail store in Paris in the 1920’s. This lobed candy compote was monogrammed (inside of the bowl) Marked on the bottom “LEBOLT Hand Beaten Sterling 1030”. Nice condition with the hammer marks that were typical in classic Arts & Crafts silver. A rare piece of Arts & Crafts sterling from the Chicago area.
  • $1,100.00
091 (839)

Kalo Shop Arts & Crafts Sterling Silver Bowl

Kalo shop arts & crafts sterling silver bowl, round, fluted, large, with flat bottom and high flaring sides, applied wire to rim. Large applied DM mono on outside. Nice hammering and weight. 10 and 1/2 inches in width and 2 and 1/2 inches in height. Marked: Sterling / hand wrought / at / the Kalo shops / Chicago/and New York F5L Kalo bowl with no monogram. The Kalo Shop sold dozens of different kinds of bowls. The two that were most iconic were the model 5811 Lotus bowl and this model 18 five-lobed bowl. This model 18 bowl is the essence of Arts & Crafts simplicity and elegance. The Kalo motto was “Beautiful, Useful, Enduring” and this qualifies on all counts with its gentle spreading lobed sides, heavy applied wire to the rim, and flat bottom. On front has an applied monogram MM
  • $400.00
091 (337)

Lebkuecher Sterling silver Arts & Crafts Style Hammered Ewer

Lebkuecher sterling silver arts & crafts style hand  hammered ewer retailed by Grogan & Co. measuring 17 inches in height & 9 inches handle to spout  & weighing 45 troy ounces with prominent hand hammering & fabulous hand engraving.  Lebkuecher & Co – Newark, NJ active c. 189601909. Bought in 1918 by Eleder co.
  • $2,950.00
091 (938)

Set of Twelve English Sterling Silver Dessert Bowls

Set of 12 sterling silver dessert bowls with fabulous pierce work made in London by silversmith George Jackson & David Fullerton Circa 1913 & retailed by Birks of Canada. The bowls measure 6 & 1/2 inches end to end & 2 & 1/2 inches in height . The weight of the set is 52 troy ounces. There are 8 with cranberry color liners & 4 with white replacement liners. 
  • $2,250.00